The guerillas of El Hombre Sin Nombre and Adora Heras have captured the infamous Major Manque, but, in the company of some riflemen commanded by Ensign Valentine Moon, are being hunted by the French. If they can reach the small Portuguese border town of Vitória, they should be safe. Close to that place, they must cross an expanse of open country and Polish lancers are rumoured to be scouring the vicinity.

Guerillas and Riflemen Hasten to Vitória
The Outskirts of Vitória

An agent of Major Lee (exploring officer extraordinaire) awaits the arrival of the captured Manque. Miss Juliet Mycock may have the look of a simple English governess but has a reputation for remaining unfazed by even the most impressive weapon that might be pointed in her direction, and packs a loaded pistol beneath her skirts.

Miss Juliet Mycock Waits

Half way across the open ground to Vitória and still no sign of the enemy.

La Señora Adora Heras Leads the Way

But suddenly . . .


With their gallant officer leading the way, the Poles come on at the canter.

Lejt. Lech Wódka in Command

And voltigeurs appear in the woods.

Recently Exchanged Sous-Lieutenant Hugo de Nigot

And Lieutenant de Rière advances to the flank of the lancers. The trap is sprung!

The Trap is Sprung!

The guerillas of El Hombre Sin Nombre blaze away at the oncoming lancers, causing some disarray in their ranks but no casualties. De Rière’s voltigeurs shoot down two guerillas and Serjeant ‘Kid’ Fiddler brings his riflemen into action. Battle is joined.

Fiddler’s Men at Play

La Señora Adora Heras and her men press on, ignoring fire from de Nigot’s men atop the hill.

Adora Heras Presses On

But Sergent Serin, whose brother, you may recall, recently met with a well-merited demise, has reached the north gate of Vitória. Will he be in time to rescue Major Manque?

Le Sergent Serin est Arrivé à la Porte Nord

Lejnant Wódka leads the charge, his men bravely galloping at the rag-tag guerillas.


Adora Heras enters the town.

Nearly There

Second Lieutenant Moon adds his fire against the lancers but his men take two casualties from de Nigot’s sharpshooters.

Moon Waxes Poetic to Inspire his Men
De Nigot Prefers Bullets to Fine Words

The ragged line of guerillas flee from the onrushing lancers but are caught.

Too slow!

The fleeing guerillas are skewered, some of them several times over as the Poles use them as live targets to practise various techniques. El Hombre Sin Nombre turns just before he is ridden down and pistols one man from the saddle, hurls the empty weapon into the teeth of another , draws his second pistol and shoots Lejnant Wódka through the shoulder. But his heroic stand is to no avail and pricked by lances, he is brought down and captured by the vengeful Poles.

El Hombre Stands Alone

La Señora and Miss Mycock meet. But Sergent Serin’s men are in the granary whose steps Miss Mycock is standing at the foot of. Escape will be a near run thing . . .

Miss Mycock, I presume?

Moon has his riflemen fire at the French voltigeurs who are running down the road. Two of the Frenchmen fall, one is Lieutenant de Rière himself!

Have that, Froggie!
Moon, Full of Himself

Serin leads his brave voltigeurs from the granary, charging down the steps into Adora Heras’ guerillas who meet them knife to bayonet. The struggle is short and vicious. At the end, the three surviving French retreat into the granary, dragging their wounded Sergent with them while two guerillas lie bleeding in the dusty street.


And with that, the battle is over bar some angry French and polish shouting. El Hombre Sin Nombre’s little band are scattered but Moon and Fiddler win clear to join Adora Heras and Miss Mycock in Vitória.

The Butcher’s Bill


  • Dead – 1 Rifleman
  • Recovering from Wounds – 1 Riflemen


  • Dead – 3 Voltigeurs, 2 Polish Lancers


  • Dead – 4 Guerillas
  • Wounded – 2 Guerillas
  • Captured Wounded – El Hombre Sin Nombre, 2 Guerillas

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